We've had interesting conversations about remote-first work with leaders like Jordan Husney, Parabol CEO, and Darren Murph who at the time was the global head of remote work at GitLab (thank you Darren for the intro to Adam). Today's guest has been building a platform to make distributed teams productive since long before it was fashionable. Adam Nathan founded Almanac in January of 2019 to challenge incumbents like Microsoft Office and Google's GSuite. 

Since then, he and the team have enabled organizations like Cisco, Credit Karma, and ByteDance to collaborate in shared workspaces.

Adam has raised more than $40M to date across two rounds from a legendary group of investors that includes Floodgate, Tiger Global, and General Catalyst. Prior to Almanac, Adam did his undergrad at Duke and he received his MBA from Harvard. He's also an active volunteer for The Salvation Army.

Listen and learn…

  1. How being a product manager at Apple and Lyft inspired Adam to start a company to avoid wasting time at work
  2. What's unique about remote-first work
  3. Why remote teams need structure and transparency to be productive
  4. How to eliminate time wasted in meetings without losing opportunities to build trusted relationships
  5. How to charge for new LLM features in SaaS products
  6. Why we tolerate LLM hallucinations
  7. Where there's a gap in the market for a better collaboration experience
  8. What Adam has learned from his entrepreneurial journey 

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