Microsoft Active Directory

We use LDAP as protocol, after the configuration in IF, AD users can login into IF with selecting corresponding IDP type and their user/password.

Project Creation

  1. Global External Service Provider name: user input
  2. Client Id: same as server address
  3. Domain Name: The domain of the AD server, for example:
  4. Server Address: The server address where AD is hosted, for example:
  5. Bind user id, Client secret: The account that bind the AD server and the password of the bind user, not required, if provided IF can grab all the groups within the server for selection
  6. Group List: giving a group of users in AD access to IF and assign roles in IF, can also choose System when selecting group, and this System will be automatically shared with all new users from this AD group. Example for group: CN=IF-user-accounts, OU=Dynamic, OU=Groups, DC=insightfinder, DC=com


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