Our unified Kubernetes collector gathers metrics, logs, traces, and events in real-time from a single aggregation point. KubeInsight leverages all the machine data to intelligently and proactively scale automatically, resulting in a highly available and cost-efficient micro-service architecture.

Proactive Autoscaling

Unlike traditional Kubernetes solutions, we stand apart by harnessing the unmatched power of our patented AI technology. By seamlessly integrating with your Kubernetes environment and leveraging the power of predictive analytics, our system intelligently forecasts your resource needs with unparalleled accuracy. Our innovative predictive scaling ensures proactive elimination of both under and over provisioning, guaranteeing optimal performance tailored to your dynamic needs.

Operational Excellence

Embark on a journey toward operational excellence with InsightFinder’s groundbreaking KubeInsight solution. Our predictive prowess ensures a seamless path to operational excellence, eliminating the need for manual intervention and mitigating costly downtime. With InsightFinder, effortlessly adapt to fluctuating workloads and eradicate outages. Elevate your operations to new heights as you join the next generation of Kubernetes management with InsightFinder at the helm.

Cost-Efficient Resource Management

Our AI engine performs online resource demand prediction to proactively predict when you need to scale up resources to avoid failures and when you need to scale down resources when resources are not needed. By understanding your application’s usage patterns, we intelligently allocate resources where they are needed most, preventing unnecessary over-provisioning and the associated costs.

Remove Heavy Lifting from DevOps

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing tangible value to our customers. With no code changes needed, our AI engine takes the guesswork out of scaling decisions, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional experiences to your users.

Key Results

Reduction in infrastructure costs
Reduction in system incidents