Explore InsightFinder in the new Sandbox Tour – Improve Application Performance

New Sandbox environment makes software evaluation simple – some customers have seen reductions in outages of more than 90%!

InsightFinder’s predictive capabilities are a force multiplier that reduces false alerts, identifies true anomalies that APM and observability platforms miss, automatically triggers remediation and notifications, and streamlines Kubernetes autoscaling – greatly extending IT Operations teams ability to improve application performance.

To make the evaluation process easy, InsightFinder worked with Pendo to develop an interactive Sandbox environment.

With just a brief registration (email, name, and company – that’s it!) you’ll enter a fully capable SaaS version of InsightFinder.

The Sandbox shows live data for an e-commerce company with a typical Cloud-native architecture – Apache web servers and MongoDB databases. DevOps manages software updates using Jenkins, and alert functions come from a standard monitoring system. Data from all these systems is used by the InsightFinder AI to predict anomalies.

Once you’ve logged in, there’s a guided tour of capabilities – including:

  • Data Ingestion: InsightFinder integrates with more than 60 data sources, from Azure to Zabbix to OpenTelemetry to Kubernetes (see the complete list here). https://insightfinder.com/product/integrations/ 
  • Incident Prediction: Based on years of leading machine learning research, InsightFinder delivers early warning signals giving incident responders lead time to apply fixes ahead of business impacting outages.  
  • Incident Investigation: Use the power of machine learning to identify the root-cause by extracting the most important information pinpointing issues impacting your system.
  • Insights Dashboard: Give your executives and other team members a comprehensive overview of your system performance across the entire infrastructure.
  • Predictive Automation: Automated remediation based on outage predictions – automate remediation and notification – free your team for higher-value work.

With the sample company data, you’ll see how predictions reduce threshold-based alert volumes and automatically trigger remediation. Drill in to discover root cause and see overall performance in a single view.

With InsightFinder – IT Operations teams can cut through the noise of pointless alerts and focus on actual problems. DevOps teams can streamline their deployments, and SRE teams can cut hundreds of hours of remediation efforts from each incident. By predicting anomalies and taking action before they occur, our customers see better than 90% reduction in outages.

Visit the Sandbox to get started and improve application performance – click here to start exploring the InsightFinder Sandbox!

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