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Xiaohui (Helen) Gu

Founder & CEO

Helen Gu is a leading expert in the field of distributed systems and predictive analytics. She is also Associate Professor at North Carolina State University and leads a research group supported by over $4.2 million research grants from NSF, NSA, ARO, Google, IBM and Credit Suisse. She published more than 60 research papers and has filed 9 patents (8 of them have been issued). One of the unsupervised machine learning based anomaly detection technologies has been licensed to Google.   Helen was on sabbatical at Google as a Visiting Scientist in 2015. She also worked at IBM T. J. Watson research center as a Research Staff Member in 2004-2007 working on the IBM stream processing system.   Helen Gu received her PhD in CS from UIUC in 2004 and BS in CS from Peking University in 1999. Her work has been widely reported by presses including NSF research highlights, Communications of ACM, and The Register, and won several best paper awards from prestigious International conferences.

Daniel J. Dean

VP of Analytics

Daniel J. Dean is an expert in machine learning and cloud-based infrastructure development. Before joining InsightFinder, Daniel was a Research Staff Member at IBM where he focused on the design and development of the Watson Health Cloud. In that role, Daniel led a team to build a secure, scalable cloud-based data storage service for storing large amounts of protected health information. His responsibilities also included the generation of intellectual property along with client engagements where his efforts had a substantial impact on the signing of several multi-million dollar service contracts.   Daniel received his PhD from North Carolina State University in 2015 and his BS/MS from Stony Brook University prior to that.
Photo of John Whittington

John Whittington

VP of Business Development

John Whittington brings over 20 years of sales and business development experience to the team.  He's spent much of his time building and leading start-ups, including NetDynamics (acquired by Sun Microsystems), Wily Technology (acquired by Computer Associates, Inc.), BlueStripe Software (acquired by Microsoft), and most recently with KnowNormal. John credits his career successes to a singular focus on helping his customers.  Whether he's working with major enterprises, early-stage start-ups, or indirectly through his team, partners, or channels, his passion is on understanding his customers’ challenges and providing them the solutions that will make them successful. Whittington graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he met his future wife, Kate.  Today they stay active raising their three children.

Hao Fu (付浩)

Director of InsightFinder China (上海引寻智能科技有限公司)

Hao Fu is a seasoned technology executive with 20 years of experience in software development, corporate IT infrastructure solutions and the China market. Before InsideFinder, he co-founded Binqsoft Software Technology, and played a leading role in securing multi-million dollar contracts on information security and system operations with Chinese SOEs in banking, aviation, automotive, and telecommunication. Prior Bingsoft, he worked at Microsoft Asia and Morgan Stanley China.